Participatory conservation and community forest management in Narayani buffer zone, Chitwan National Park, Nepal

  • Arjun Subedi
  • Jay Krishna Thakur
  • Sudhir Kumar Singh


With an overall analysis of socio-economic structure
of population, biodiversity status in community managed
forests, equity, local people’s role in participatory
forest conservation mechanism, land use change, role
of community in biodiversity conservation was studied.
The methodological tools used were questionnaires, interviews
and surveys in Narayani Buffer zone, Chitwan
National Park, Nepal. The study indicates poverty and
lack of alternative income generating activities to be
the main drivers of park resources encroachment. In
terms of land use pattern, the 28 years period saw the
formation of new categories of land and reductions in
proportion of grassland. This loss of grassland could
lead to two implications: the loss of wildlife and increased
wildlife movement, especially rhino, onto the
settlement areas, accelerating the risk of life and property
damage to the locals. The study also indicates that
majority of people depend on forest resources to meet
their energy needs. Annual demand of fodder and fuel
wood is higher than annual sustainable yield. Equity
was merely lacking in the community forest because
of lack of homogeneity (in terms of interest, capacity)
and variations in socio-economic, cultural, and ethical
conditions. Therefore, there is a need of upgrading
implementation practice of buffer zone program to
ensure equity, transparency and access to marginalized
group. This research aims to link the multidisciplinary
aspects of forest ecology and biodiversity with demographical
structure of the population, societal structure
in terms of livelihood strategies and gender as well
as socio-economic equity. Similarly, closely connected
factors such as change in land-use pattern that determine
the role of community in participatory conservation
and biodiversity conservation are also taken into

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